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Boost training with
BlazePod Pro

Drive your athletes’ and clients’ performance
to new heights with Flash Reflex Training™

The power of
going Pro

  • Train large groups & conduct complex activities
  • Create & save your own branded activities
  • Share custom drills for remote training
  • Conduct Athlete Performance tests to evaluate progress
  • Leverage hundreds of predefined activities
  • Manage the performance of every player
  • Track and measure performance over time

Reach a whole new
level of excellence

Bring your training
vision to life

by customizing and personalizing predefined activities or
creating your own

Train Larger Groups

and conduct more elaborate activities by connecting to more Pods

Motivate Users Like
Never Before

by sharing activities for remote training

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BlazePod Pro membership for FREE!

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Improve Performance In Any Sport, Fitness, Or Clinical Environment

with an extensive library of predefined activities that come with explanatory videos and intuitive instructions

Test & Progress

with statistics graphically displayed on centralized dashboards, for understanding which activities yield the best results

Track Performance

with statistics graphically displayed on centralized dashboards, for understanding which activities yield the best results

Get more with
BlazePod Pro

Features &

Access extensive library of
predefined activities

Create custom activities

Customize predefined activities

Manage all players’ performance
in one place

Save customized activities

Share activities with clients & peers

Conduct Athlete Performance
(AP) tests

Access performance analytics

Export results via CSV

Max. connected Pods

Pricing, monthly

Pricing, annual **

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BlazePod pro membership




* Number of Pods that can be connected depends on your mobile device model.

** All prices are subject to change without prior notice due to exchange rates or additional payments for VAT/GST etc., in accordance with the domestic legal or tax requirement and currency.


Take Flash Reflex Training™ to new heights

Manage every player in the palm of your hand

Motivate by sending engaging challenges

Customize to any sport, fitness, or clinical need

Save killer activities for future use

Focus exactly on what your players need

Get precision analytics to improve results

Always know just what players need to improve