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BlazePod Sports Club Bundle

BlazePod Sports Club Bundle

£995.00 plus vat

The BlazePod Sports Club Bundle is the perfect package for all sports clubs: football, rugby, cricket, tennis, badminton, ice hockey, basketball and more. The bundle includes everything you'll need to deliver a fun and engaging BlazePod Flash Reflex Training session to your players and pupils of all ages.

We'll also provide you with a set-up and training webinar to support all your staff to maximise their use of the BlazePods and help to integrate them into the sessions. The webinar will be recorded so that you can share it with everyone and they can listen in whenever they can. We'll also keep the webinar live so that you can provide it to new staff and coaches when they join. 

The BlazePod Sports Club Bundle includes 12 Pods to help you create the most challenging activities, competitions and tests for players, teams, friends and family.

The BlazePod Sports Club Bundle includes:

12x Pods
12x PodBases 
2x Charging Bases and Micro USB Cables
2x BlazePod Cases for 6 Pods
12-Month BlazePod Pro Membership
Set-Up and Training Webinar

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BlazePod Features

  • Powerful RGB LEDs with 8 color options
  • Durable: Water resistant (IP65), UV Protected
  • Simple and intuitive: No power button, no moving parts
  • Portable: small and lightweight
  • Sticks to any surface with specialty harnesses
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery with up to 12 hours of operation on a single charge
  • Space saving Smart Stack & Charge Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication with immediate smartphone pairing and up to 40 meter device-to-pod range

BlazePod in action

It helps our athletes with focus, reaction, speed, it’s different, interesting and it’s fun. We are doing also with some kids at 4 years old, they are so excited and it’s incredible how they can focus and react at 3-4 different colours.

Alexandru Sorin

Academie De Karate Alexandru Sorin Owner/Founder/Coach

We use and promote Blazepod with our customer to analyse, rehabilitate and train them to improve their neuromuscular and cognitive efficiency. This system and the drills we can implement from it are effective for all level of athletes.


t-Motion Argentina, CEO

Serious training tool that’s serious fun. Incredibly versatile if you use a little imagination. My clients love this and end up smiling at the end of every session.


Bear Strength + Condition LONDON UK

To become the best, you have to train better, hard and not least smarter than everyone else. BlazePods have helped me improve speed and reaction times far beyond what my coach thought was possible at this age.

Jon Rune - Re. Jonathan

Squash player, born January 2008