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BlazePod is a very adaptive piece of equipment allowing personalised reactive sessions. The app is very easy to use and allows you to store all sessions so you can return to previous sessions quickly. It can be used with goalkeepers, outfield players and all injured players regardless of pathology and stage of rehab. The range of use is unlimited and adds a fun element that our players are loving.

Paul Watson

Head of Sheffield United FC Medical Department

Working in elite sport requires consistency, precision and adaptability; everything that the Blazepod system offers me! It’s versatile and can be utilised across my portfolio of clients from a variety of sports using the create session function. Its durable and reliable, great battery life and excellent app connectivity. I couldn't recommend it enough!

Patrick Harding

Performance Coach F1

Blazepod’s allows me to train or warm up anywhere. They are challenging whilst fun and help to improve my Fitness, Decision Making, Reactions which is key for racing.

Mitchell Gibbons

British Karting Champion

BlazePod gave us the ability to create a robust neuro-sports cognitive performance program for our clients. The Blaze Pods are an intricate piece to our athlete development program.

dr. Roman Velasquez

Peak Performance - Fighters

Blazepod has added an element of fun, excitement and challenge to our facility, for both our junior athletes as well as adults. They make a great addition to any workout, by incorporating agility, cognitive awareness, sports performance, cardiovascular challenges, and allowing clinets to leave with a smile on their face.

Greg Johnson

Owner / Trainer, Varimax Fitness

Blaze Pod has been an invaluable resource to my training. My clients of all ages and fitness levels always look forward to working with the pods. I am excited to continue exploring the many ways to push my clients with the pods.

Ryan Adeleye

Equinox personal trainer

Serious training tool that’s serious fun. Incredibly versatile if you use a little imagination. My clients love this and end up smiling at the end of every session.


Bear Strength + Condition LONDON UK

To become the best, you have to train better, hard and not least smarter than everyone else. BlazePods have helped me improve speed and reaction times far beyond what my coach thought was possible at this age. Exercises that used to be pure grinding are now motivation and exciting

Jon Rune - re. Jonathan

Squash player

We use and promote Blazepod with our customer to analyse, rehabilitate and train them to improve their neuromuscular and cognitive efficiency. This system and the drills we can implement from it are effective for all level of athletes. The App that keeps the data is a perfect complement, so you can review and master your results.


t-Motion Argentina, CEO

I was looking for BlazePod 2 years ago but I couldn’t afford it, now I see so much value into it. It helps our athletes with focus, reaction, speed, it’s different, interesting and it’s fun. We are doing also with some kids at 4 years old, they are so excited and it’s incredible how they can focus and react at 3-4 different colours. Easy to implement and create different drills. This app has so many options that I didn’t discover it yet. Easy to use.

Alexandru Sorin

Academie De Karate Alexandru Sorin, Owner/Founder/Coach

Our BlazePods are so versatile that I can challenge my elite Black Belts as well as my 4 year old kids classes. From speed training to agility to accuracy these can be used on a daily basis and still be innovative and creative enough that nobody gets bored when they come out. An amazing system that should be used as much as possible.

Grant Arden

Owner/Head Instructor of Apollo Taekwon-do

We have been using blazepods since day one with all our clients to help with their speed, reaction time and overall program engagement. We work with a variety of individuals, from elite athletes to professional boxers, Kickboxers, MMA athletes and the everyday person. We are an evidence-led and sports science-based gym and the blazepods have become a core part of our programs.

Andrew Usher

Evolved Training, Head Performance Coach / Owner

My passion is to train young athletes to bring their full potential The blazepod is very helpful to me with my athletes on subjects like speed of response and power and explosev power. For me as a blazepod trainer it makes the job easier and much more interesting With the blazepod you are only limited in your brain with the blazepod there are endless options and possibilities I just love this product.

Oron Elfassy

Owner and master trainer at Cube power Studio

Working everyday with patient who's injured and athletes in rehabilitation processes, can be boring and frustrating for them. blazepod had made it easier and much enjoyable. blazepod allows my patients to practice and exercise in a functional way that mimicate better their specific physical requirements, therefore giving them a faster way to get back on track

Noa Russo Ayash

Physio pro clinic- physiotherapy and sport rehabilitation center

BlazePod adds an extra dimension to our PT sessions, the members love it as it is very addictive. We now include it in our monthly Gym Challenge.

Cheryl Turner

Abbey Mill Fitness Club & PT Studio, Club Manager